‘Good Stories, Well Told’ is my story

What do colleges that provides scholarships to deserving students, companies that develop disruptive technologies and surgeons who perform complex procedures have in common? Good stories about transforming people’s lives that connect with their customers, investors, donors and other stakeholders.

You might have a good story, too, but lack of time, money, skills or message to tell it. That is where I come in.

I draw upon 30+ years of public relations, communications and marketing experience to tell my clients’ stories. My services include: positioning, branding, strategic planning, marketing, project management, writing, editing, photography, social media and media relations.  I work efficiently and price my services fairly to deliver great value.

Whether you need help with a project or ongoing communications and marketing support, let me tell your story and transform your life by helping you succeed.

Let’s get started. Please contact me for a free consultation or proposal.

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Digital Communication Strategy

A Digital Communication Strategy is your blueprint for connecting with your target audience(s). It enables you to make sense of the myriad digital channels and tools – websites, social media, e-mail, e-newsletters, blogs, thought leadership, etc. – at your disposal. Read more.


Content Creation

Every day, the average person is bombarded with close to 100 email messages and several hundred social media posts. To break through the clutter, you need a steady stream of content that is engaging, relevant to your audience and motivates people to take action. Read more.

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Public Relations

Rumors of the demise of public relations are greatly exaggerated. While owned media has become increasingly important to marketing, it cannot match the credibility and value earned media offers. A well-placed favorable story can generate tremendous exposure and help organizations build brand equity. Read more.

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Visuals are an essential part of storytelling. As an experienced photographer, I can not only take high-quality pictures, but advise on choosing the images that will enhance your story and get editors to take notice. See more samples of my work on my Smugmug site.

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