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Targeted communications and marketing strategies to reach your audiences and achieve your business objectives.

Clear, concise, compelling content.

Expertise navigating the ever-shifting media landscape, including social media.

My 25+ years of public relations, communications and marketing experience enable me to deliver that and more. Plus, I work efficiently and price my services fairly to deliver great value.

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Outbursts by Barr, Bee Symptoms of Deteriorating Public Discourse

Last week, Rosanne Barr had her show cancelled because of her racist tweet about a member of the Obama administration and Samantha Bee got into hot water for using the “C-word” to describe the President’s daughter. In both cases, their conduct was deplorable, although not equivalent, as some right-wing commentators have charged. Read more.


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“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Visuals are an essential part of storytelling. As an experienced photographer, I can not only take pictures, but advise on choosing the images that will enhance your story and get editors to take notice. See more samples of my work on my Smugmug site.