Content Creation


Every day, the average person is bombarded with close to 100 email messages and several hundred social media posts. To break through the clutter, you need a steady stream of content that is engaging, relevant to your audience and motivates people to take action.

Over a 40-year career in journalism and public relations in wide-ranging fields, I have honed the ability to write clear, concise and compelling copy for a broad range of communications. In addition to website copy, social media posts and public relations copy, my credits include: annual reports, blogs, by-lined articles, executive communications, newsletters, op-eds and speeches.

I am also an award-winning photographer who can get you the images you need to enhance your story and catch eyeballs. High-quality is especially critical in businesses where imagery is an important marketing asset. Whether it’s covering an event, taking informal portraits or photographing products, projects, processes or facilities, I’ll get the shots you need at affordable rates.

My portfolio.

My photos.

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