Public Relations

Public Relations Word Salad-crop

Rumors of the demise of public relations are greatly exaggerated. While owned media has become increasingly important to marketing, it cannot match the credibility and value earned media offers. A well-placed favorable story can generate tremendous exposure and help organizations build brand equity.

The media business is in the midst of tremendous upheaval. Publications have closed, staffs and news holes have shrunk. At the same time, the public relations profession has grown substantially. Today there are six publicists for every working journalist.

To break through you need a professional who can develop compelling stories and identify – and work with – reporters, editors and producers likely to be receptive to the pitch. That takes insight into how these journalists work and who they write for, and the ability to relate your story to their audience. With three decades of public relations experience in diverse fields, I have the skills and knowledge to find a home for your story.

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