Planning for the Unthinkable

COVID-19 has made crisis managers of all of us, 24/7, as organizations make decisions that impact customers, employees, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. The word has to get out: How will the business operate? Will it have to close? Will workers lose their jobs? What precautions is it taking to protect the public? Not onlyContinue reading “Planning for the Unthinkable”

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I recently attended a panel discussion presented by the Public Relations Professionals of Long Island on crisis communications. Speakers from Stony Brook University, PSEG-Long Island, Good Samaritan Hospital and Nassau BOCES shared their thoughts and best practices. One of the speakers reminded the audience that crises eventually come to an end and life goes backContinue reading “The Gift That Keeps On Giving”

Working in Higher Ed: Great Crisis Communications Training

If you’ve worked in higher education public relations you know life on campus never gets dull. All sorts of crisis situations will confront you. Just this week, the Binghamton University community was shaken by the second murder of a student within five weeks. Some 70 miles to the north, my alma mater, Syracuse University, suspendedContinue reading “Working in Higher Ed: Great Crisis Communications Training”