10 Ways to Stay in Front of Customers During the Coronavirus Crisis

It is OK to be concerned with people’s health and safety and to look forward to the return of normal conditions, but that should not be the lead on your 10th message.

Helping Customers, Employees Cope with Crisis Can Boost Your Brand

People need people need current – and factual – information to know what they should be doing and not doing. This information is absolutely vital, and your customers want to know how you are responding to the crisis.

Media Companies Revive Old Cable Strategy for Digital Age

I usually go to my local hospital, South Nassau Communities, to visit a sick friend, use the emergency room or have a procedure. So, it was a pleasant change to attend the Fair Media Council’s Future of Communications Summer Boot Camp, held Friday, July 26, in South Nassau’s conference center. It was a morning ofContinue reading “Media Companies Revive Old Cable Strategy for Digital Age”

How a Facebook post put a train store on the wrong track

This morning, a local model train store took some flak for a Facebook post about a news story that portrayed some railroad workers in a bad light. A well-known railroad employee and rail enthusiast, who felt the store should not comment on the issue, threatened on his own Facebook page to take his business elsewhere.Continue reading “How a Facebook post put a train store on the wrong track”

Real Networks vs. Social Networks

I recently attended a networking breakfast near me. It was a well-established group with close to 30 people, some of whom have been in businesses for 30 years or more. One-by-one, we went around the room and delivered our 60-second pitches. Since I was a visitor to the group I got to go last. WhatContinue reading “Real Networks vs. Social Networks”

Outbursts by Barr, Bee Symptoms of Deteriorating Public Discourse

Last week, Rosanne Barr had her show cancelled because of her racist tweet about a member of the Obama administration and Samantha Bee got into hot water for using the “C-word” to describe the President’s daughter. In both cases, their conduct was deplorable, although not equivalent, as some right-wing commentators have charged. Arguing which wasContinue reading “Outbursts by Barr, Bee Symptoms of Deteriorating Public Discourse”

How to Make Commencement Memorable

Commencement is probably the most important event of the academic year. It is a celebration of student success, and, at a time of rising skepticism about the value of a college degree, it may be higher education’s best marketing opportunity. Yet, often it is squandered. I worked 11 commencements during my tenure as director ofContinue reading “How to Make Commencement Memorable”

Working in Higher Ed: Great Crisis Communications Training

If you’ve worked in higher education public relations you know life on campus never gets dull. All sorts of crisis situations will confront you. Just this week, the Binghamton University community was shaken by the second murder of a student within five weeks. Some 70 miles to the north, my alma mater, Syracuse University, suspendedContinue reading “Working in Higher Ed: Great Crisis Communications Training”

Tax Law Creates Marketing Opportunities

Whether you support it or abhor it, the tax reform legislation just passed by the Republican Congress and signed into law by President Trump will profoundly impact just about every American individual, business and institution, but in different ways. For example, homeowners in high-tax states such as New York, where I live, will only beContinue reading “Tax Law Creates Marketing Opportunities”